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High-end Appearance for Manual Foam Dispensers

CleanShot P-1200-C-F is a new, high-end looking manual foam dispenser with 1200mL capacity for easy loading of 1000mL bags and a larger viewing window.
Available in black/chrome (B), white/chrome (W) or metallic/chrome (M) models.

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These products meets Green SealTM Standard GS-41-A based on effective performance and protective limits on VOCs and human and environmental toxicity.





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WhiskLotion 120, 157 and 177 are all GreenSeal Certified!


WhiskLotion 177 - Premium Foaming Shower Soap for the Hair and Body.  A high quality, biodegradable soap that leaves the skin fresh, clean and with a mild floral fragrance. A gentle, but effective cleanser, it is fortified with glycerin to keep moisture in.
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WhiskLotion 157 - Our most popular foaming hand soap is dispensed as a foam, ready for use, allowing for reduced soap usage as much as 50% for each hand washing.
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WhiskLotion 120 - All-Purpose Soap. An economical hand soap. This purple in color, light viscosity soap is recommended for use in all dispensers and centralized  systems.
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WhiskCare 357, 371 and 373 are all NSF Certified!


Three WhiskCare products are now NSF Certified.


WhiskCare 357 Foam E-2 Sanitizing Hand Soap WhiskCare 357 meets government regulations for the meat and poultry industry, restaurant personnel and other industries involved with the handling of foods.
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WhiskCare 371 Hand Sanitizing Spray is a one step instant hand sanitizer that is sprayed directly into the hands.
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WhiskCare 373 is a one step foaming alcohol Instant Hand Sanitizer that is dispensed as a rich, heavy foam directly into the hands.
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Touchless Dispenser and Stand


This new dispenser holds a 1000mL collapsible cartridge providing 1,333 dispenses/cartridge!

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