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Bag in a Box Dispenser


This type of dispenser was the original dispenser for bag type containers to hold liquid soaps. The bag was placed in a box and then inserted into the dispenser. Although boxes are still used to contain the bag much of the soap now is sold as boxless, meaning bag only, for greater economy. It is capable of handling from 500 mL to 1000 mL from the same dispenser.


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dispenser for bag type containers to hold liquid soaps


P-800 is available in either black or white. This dispenser will handle three different size bags. The most popular size is the 800 mL Bag in a box. It will also hold the 800 mL Boxless , the 500mL Bag in a box and the 1000mL Boxless bag. This means that once installed the customer can change sizes if they so desire. The P-800 can handle Lotion Soaps, Antibacterial Hand Soaps, Instant Hand Sanitizers and Heavy-Duty Grit Based Soaps.

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