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Dispensers for Hand Cleaners

Hand cleaners have the consistency of cream and use dispensers that are constructed in a different manner than a lotion type dispenser. Hand Cleaners are packaged in canister rather than bottles and depend on suction and pressure to accomplish much of the dispensing. Whisk has four dispensers for dispensing our Hand Cleaners.


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This dispenser can be mounted on a wall of used as a freestanding dispenser on a counter or workbench. It accepts a 32 oz. cartridge. A pull type handle dispenses the cleaner in a mound of cream. For use in garages, factories, service vehicles and other places that encounter heavy soils.


A light duty dispenser that accepts the 4.5 lb. Whisk canister. The larger canister will last longer between changes saving on janitorial replacements. Not recommended for grit based hand cleaners. The larger canisters are usually used in wash areas.
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